Skirting Profile Wrapping Laminating Machine

This machine is used for PUR hotmelt glue laminating , the PUR hotmelt glue has good and reliable adhesion and also it is environmental protection without any solvent chemical.
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RTM300B Type PUR hot melt Glue Laminating Machine

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(in this photo, the glue melting system was old type, we had changed into new one.)

1. Performance and Applications:

◎ This machine is used for PUR hotmelt glue laminating , the PUR hotmelt glue has good and reliable adhesion and also it is environmental protection without any solvent chemical. But if the surface of PVC profile has more wax when extruded, it’s better to use primer to cleaning the surface of PVC profiles, then the adhesion will be more better;

◎ It is used to laminating PVC decorative film rolls, wood veneer, decorative paper and other decorative film rolls on the surface of various profiles within 300mm wide;

◎ The decorated profiles like PVC/UPVC window profiles, WPC/PVC foam door frames, MDF profiles, aluminum window profiles and etc;

The photo of decorated profiles:

Product pictures 4 Product pictures 5

Product pictures 6

2. Flow chart of RTM300B (we always make machine per flow chart)

Product pictures 7

3. Technical parameter of RTM300B Type Laminating Machine:

max effective profile width


thickness of profiles

2-80mm(adjustable, it also can make per the thickness of profiles if you have special height of profiles)

glue type

Polyurethane hot melt adhesive

laminating speed

2-40m/min(adjustable), better over 10m/min speed

transmission power


Dust cleaning power

0.07kw for rolling brush+0.25 for blower+2.2kw exhaust fan=2.52kw

preheating power


Glue Melter power


Heating fan power


Total power


weight of machine


visual sizes(L*W*H)

3000*1100*1850mm for brush cleaning+primer coating+glue coating;

4000*900*1300mm for film wrapping part;

Total 7000*1100*1850mm

Exhaust fan(L*W*H)



Domestic brand, reliable one

Frequency Inverter

Dongyuan, Taiwan



4. The technical info for each unit:

4.1) Transmitting part

① The whole machine adopts rectangle pipe to weld.

② It adopts Q235 the steel board with bakelite board on the surface to make conveying table and adjust the level of table through guide pillar by hand wheel.

③ It adopts the aluminum alloy with wrapped silicon rubber to make the conveying wheel.

④ It adopts 45# steel creation transmission chain wheel and transmission shaft; adopt cast iron to make gear box.

⑤ It adopts 2.2kw gear speed-reduced motor as drive power and control speed through transducer.

⑥ It adopts double-line chain wheel (45#) as to spread to move the medium with the chain.

4.2) Cleaning unit

① It adopts hog bristle to make brush and cold steel board as brush cover.

② It adopts permanent-magnet low-speed synchronal motor as the driver of brush wheel.

③ It adopts dust-sucking machine and the power is 1.5kw.

4.3) Coating the agent which can adhesive easy

① It adopts 1.2mm stainless steel to make liquid tank and case.

② It adopts 1/4”copper valve to control the flux of agent.

③ It adopts 20mm wool felt to coat the agent on the surface of basic profile.

4.4) Heating unit

① It adopts 1.5mm cold steel plank to make heating oven and heating passage, the heating power is 6kw.

② It adopts far infrared silicon pump to heat; Temp controller controls the temperature of heating passage.

4.5) Unwinding unit

① It adopts square pumps to make the shelf of unwinding.

② It adopts 45# steel to make unwinding shaft; the seamless steel pipe finished by chrome-plated as unwinding shaft pump.

③ It adopts cold steel board with 45# steel to make clamping plate.

④ The unwinding tension is controlled by adjusting friction block through the knurled nut.

⑤ It adopts hard aluminum alloy pipe and chrome-plated roller shaft to make guide roller for film.

⑥ It adopts hand-wheel to control the deviation of film rolls and the detail removed data is showed in the display.

4.6) Hot-melt coating unit

① It adopts Q235 steel board to make gelatinizing wall-board

② It adopts precise chrome-plated 45# steel shaft as guide shaft; and adopts hand-wheel to adjust pedestal of gelatinizing unit and the position of gluing head; at the same time the detail removed data is showed in the display.

③ It adopts Q235 steel plate to weld into pedestal of gelatinizing unit and adopt hand-wheel to adjust the rotation of gluing head through worm gear and worm.

④ It adopts Q235 steel to make baseboard&shelf and precise chrome-plated 45# steel shaft for leading film.

⑤ It adopts 32*35 air cylinder to control the clutch of gluing head.

⑥ It adopts Q235 steel to make rocker of gelatinizing unit.

Note: This unit should be worked with extra hot-melt glue container and gelatinizing head together.

4.7) Compound unit

① It adopts seamless steel pump with wrapped red NBR to make main press roller.

② It adopts bevel wheel (45# steel) finished by quenched to adjust the position of press roller through screw shaft, and the position removed data is shown in the display.

③ It adopts 45# round iron wrapped with red silicon rubber to make mold wheel.

④ It adopts 45# round steel to make model shaft, install shaft and joint heads, etc.

⑤ It adopts plastic welding pistol as heating power when compounding.

4.8). The technical specification of Glue Melting System


drive system

variable-speed AC motor

Product pictures 8

diameter of glue barrel

¢280mm(or 286mm)
(please confirm with order)

glue melting capacity


Hot melt hoses input

route 1 or route 2(please confirm with order)

Max. glue melting pressure


Working Temp. range


Environment Temp. range


Temp. Controlling precise


Temp. Sensor


Power Supply


Max. Electric power


Working air pressure



≈250 kg

connection signal

2 input,2 output

Visual Sizes(L*W*H)


Protection Level



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