PUR Hotmelt Glue Wrapping Machine

It matches Primer Coating Device which is necessary for uPVC profiles or aluminum profiles.
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RTM300 Model PUR Hot Melt & Cold Glue

Multi-functional Laminating Machine

1. Performance:

◆ It is used to wrapping PVC decorative film on the surface of PVC/uPVC/WPC/PVC foam/MDF profiles, such as window profiles, wall panels, panel ceilings, corrugated panels, door frames, wall skirting and corners by PUR hotmelt glue and solvent polyurethane glue, which can satisfy clients’ different requirement.

◆ It matches Primer Coating Device which is necessary for uPVC profiles or aluminum profiles.

◆ It also match protective film wrapping device after laminating PVC film.

Product pictures 1 Product pictures 2

Product pictures 3 Product pictures 4

Product pictures 5

(some photos of decorated profiles by this machine)

2. The technical parameters


3. The assembly of each unit

1) Transmitting part

2) Cleaning unit & primer coating unit

3) Heating unit

4) Unwinding unit

5) Cold glue coating unit (sealed scraping & coating method)

6) PUR Hot-melt coating unit

Note: This unit should be worked with extra hot-melt glue container and gelatinizing head together.

7) Compound unit

8). The technical specification of Glue Melting System


4. The flow chart of RTM300

Product pictures 7

5. The photo of spare parts matching with machine

(100sets of joint shafts, 100sets of joint blocks,80sets of gimbles, 120sets of various press silicon rollers, 4pcs of heater)

Product pictures 8


All of our machines are tested by our QC department prior to shipment to ensure that each machine will work properly upon arrival. Quality control is tested through all production, from raw materials, processing, assembly, and finished machines.

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