UV Coating Machine for PVC Ceiling and Wall Panel

This machine is used for coating UV lacquer on the surface of PVC panels;
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GT600 Model Precise UV Coating Machine

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1. Performance and Application:

1) This machine is used for coating UV lacquer on the surface of PVC panels;

2) The max. Coating width is 600mm and the max printing thickness is 3-30mm;

3) The center height of machine is 740mm;

4) The coating speed V=2~30m/min;

5) This machine can decorate panel ceiling with Matt, shine and high gloss effect like mirror.

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2. The flow charts and machine list of GT600

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(we always offer M/C per clients’ products then offer and make suitable machine per flow chart for them.)


3. Technical parameter of GT600


4. Every scheme and performance of every part:

The first part: convey part(to feeding in panels)

1) Dimension: 2000*1400*1500mm (dust-remover)

2) It adopts 10# channel steel weld and to make.

3) It adopts seamless with 45# steel axes knurled on surface inside to make conveying roller..

4) It adopts green conveying belt to transmit and with 45# steel baffle wheel at both sides to prevent divergence.

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The Second part: two positive and one reverse glazing part to get Matt, normal shine, high gloss like mirror:

1) Dimension: 2800×1500×1350(L×W×H);

2) It adopts 100x80 rectangle pipe to make frame and adopts Q235 steel to make wallboard;

3) It adopts the upward and down movement of guide cover to control the working thickness;

4) Convey roller adopts 45# steel wrapped with NBR whose size isφ120x620, and adopts 1.5kw frequency conversion motor as drive;

5) It adopts 45# seamless steel pipe to make metric roller and chrome plated on the surface whose size is φ150x700, PU glazing rollers are all 45# seamless steel shaft wrapped with polyurethane whose size isφ205x700;

6) It adopts frequency conversion motor to control whose power is 0.75kw( made in Jiangsu Changzhou Changwu reducer Factory, and the brand of transducer is Taian);

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The third part: heating part(to heating and melting UV lacquer, which can make UV lacquer spread even on the panel, but also can make solvent from UV lacquer volatilized.)

Product pictures 7


The fifth part: electric panel

1) It adopts Chinese famous brand;

2) The electric case hung down the equipment according to the dynamical points distributing;

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