WPC Board PVC/PP/PE Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Machine

WPC Board PVC/PP/PE Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Machine

This machine has two functions, it can be used as hot stamping machine, but also can be used as laminating machine, which is specialized in decorating various designs
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TY1300 Model Low Temp. & High Temp. Hot Stamping Machine

(with PVC film Laminating for flat boards)

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Part 1. Performance and Application:

● This machine has two functions, it can be used as hot stamping machine, but also can be used as laminating machine, which is specialized in decorating various designs on the surfaces of PVC/PVC foaming/WPC/WPC foaming board or doors or panel ceiling;

● When it is used as hot stamping machine, it has two functions with low temperature and high temperature together to satisfy different wall thickness of profile; normally the wall thickness of panel and your door is too thin, it’s better to adopt low temperature 60-80degree, if the wall thickness is thicker, it can adopt high temperature 180degree directly, no need solvent chemical, so it will be more environmental protection.

● When it is used as laminating machine, it can laminate PVC decorative film on the surface of flat boards by solvent PU glue.

The decorated products:

Product pictures 4 Product pictures 5

Product pictures 6 Product pictures 7


Part 2: technical parameter of TY1300 Type Hot Stamping Machine

Max. laminating width


thickness of boards


laminating speed


unwinding diameter

Φ400mm, aperture Φ76mm

Cleaning power


Preheating power


Thermoprinting heating power

9kw*2=18kw for top surface

Thermoprinting heating power

9kw*2=18kw for back surface

driver power


total power


Power supply


visual size(L*W*H)


Drive motor

Domestic brand, reliable one

Frequency Inverter

Dongyuan, Taiwan

Temperature Controller


Contactor + Swithes


Infrared lamp

Red Sun

Loading container


Part 3. Machine List and Flow chart of TY1300





Conveying with brush cleaning

(also with anti-static eliminator)

1 set


High temperature hot stamping

(with preheating boards+unwinding+glue coating for low temp. +thermoprinting heads+pressing rollers+protective film unwinding shaft+protective film laminating roller)

1 set


Glue coating roller for Laminating



Collecting boards by conveying

1 set


Exhaust fan for brush cleaning

1 pc

Product pictures 9

Part 4. Basic assembly of TY1300

4.1) The first part: convey part:

1) Dimension: 2500×1800×900(L×W×H);

2) It adopts 10# channel steel to make frame;

3) It adopts seamless pipe with 45# steel (which knurled patterns on the surface) inside to make convey rollers.

4) It adopts anti-static eliminator and rolling brush with 2.2kw exhaust fan to cleaning the dust of boards.

4.2) Thermo stamping with cold glue laminating part:

1) Dimension: 4000x2150x1800mm(L×W×H);

2) It adopts rectangle steel and 10# channel steel to weld the frame of machine;

3) It adopts 45# steel to make the drive chain-wheels, bevel gears and drive axes;

4) The drive motor is cycloid decelerating motor (power is 3kw) and the working speed is controlled by frequency inverter;

5) It adopts conveying belt and seamless steel roller to transmitting basic products;

6) It adopts seamless steel pipe wrapped with NBR to make conveying rollers and pressure rollers and the thickness of the NBR is 20mm;

7) It adopts cylinder and adjusting valve to control pressure to adjust the distance between the materials; the diameter of cylinder is 63x150 and the working pressure is 4kg;

8) It adopts pneumatic core shaft as the unwinding shaft, it adopts DZF-215 type magnetic powder brake to control the tension (the magnetic powders are made by Ningxia Mechanism graduate school);

9) It adopts Q235 steel plate to make wallboard for gluing.

10) The gluing roller is made of seamless steel pipe with reticulate pattern, which is also finished by chrome plated. The press roller adopts seamless steel pipe (45#) and the shaft of steel core wrapped with NBR.

11) It adopts 45# steel to make gears and gear reducer motor to drive the gluing roller to work.

12) It adopts 45# steel board to make scrapper to adjust quantity of glue; the gear speed reducer to control scrapper move and even the glue.

13) It adopts cold rolled steel plate to make bearer of glue container; the hand wheel to control glue container to up and down through worm wheel and worm shaft.

14) It adopts Q235 steel to make wallboard, adopts cylinder electromagnetism valve to control the up and down of the hot stamping head and connected with wallboard;

15) It adopts 45# steel to make core wrapped with high temperature resistance rubber to make thermo-stamping rollers, the thickness of the rubber is 20mm;

16) It adopts ZL102 to make heating oven, adopts far infrared quartz lamp to heat, the heating power is 12x1500w and the heating temperature adjusted by the temperature selector;

17) It adopts YYJ90 gears speed reducing motor to drive thermo-stamping rollers by chains and wheels;

18) It adopts air expansion shaft to unwinding protective film and laminating it on the top of boards again to protect boards no damage in transportation.

4.3) collecting part:

1) Dimension: 2000×1800×900(L×W×H);

2) It adopts 10# channel steel to make frame;

3) It adopts stainless steel roller as conveying roller;

4.4) electric panel

It welds by cold rolled steel boards (thickness1.5mm) then finishes by paint. The inside is installed the contactor, inductor, capacitance, fuse, air switch and line bank. The surface of panel is various buttons, knobs, urgent switches, TC and transducers, etc.

We have a high quality automated production line that can develop and produce exquisite WPC Board PVC/PP/PE Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Machine for promoting the common development of domestic and foreign industries. We make unremitting attempts to comprehend the objective of 'We Will Often Preserve in Pace along with the Time'. Providing first class products is our aim.


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