Profile Horizontal/Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

Profile Horizontal/Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

It is used to wrapping PVC decorative film on the surface of various extruded profiles, such as PVC/WPC/PVC foam/WPC foam/MDF profiles as ceiling
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RTM400C Type cold glue Multifunctional Laminating Machine

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(machine photo for reference)

1. Performance:

◆ It is used to wrapping PVC decorative film on the surface of various extruded profiles, such as PVC/WPC/PVC foam/WPC foam/MDF profiles as ceiling, wall panel, wall skirting, window profiles and corners for ceiling and etc.

◆ It adopts solvent polyurethane glue as adhesion.

◆ It is used for offline, it can operate separate from extrusion line, the advantage of offline laminating machine is fast speed with high capacity and more flexible to laminate panels at any time with clients’ special design requirement.

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2. The technical parameters

max effective profile width


thickness of profiles

3-80mm(adjustable, it also can make per the thickness of profiles)

laminating speed


transmission power


heating power


total power of machine


weight of machine


visual sizes(L*W*H)


3. Working:

Works by using different angles veneer roller coated on the workpiece to suppress,in the process,the process pressure rate and pressure can be adjusted according to different coating material.

A full set of manufacturing processes can be full automatic assembly line,the normal working can be done without human intervention,it just need to feed material from adhesive coating to expectthe sending until the product be finished.which reduce labor costs and ensure the passing rate of processed products and processing efficiency.

4. The assembly of each unit

4.1) Transmitting part

① The whole machine adoption 10#and 8# the slot steel and Q235 steel plate weld but.

② It adopts Q235 the steel plate manufactures to transport the set.

③ It adopts the cast iron wrapped with NBR manufactures the conveying wheel.

④ The square steel of adoption was handled by plating chrome damper plank that make into control plank material.

⑤ It adopts 45# steel creation transmission chain wheel and transmission shaft.

⑥ It adopts 1.5kw electromagnetic timing motor with cycloid speed reducer as drive power.

⑦ It adopts double-line chain wheel (45#) as to spread to move the medium with the chain.

4.2) Cleaning unit

① it adopts hog bristle to make brush and cold steel board as brush cover.

② it adopts big round brush to clean the dust of panel.

4.3) Heating unit

① it adopts 1.5mm cold steel plank to make heating oven and heating passage, the heating power is 6kw.

② it adopts far infrared quartz lamp to heat.

4.4) Unwinding unit

① It adopts rectangle steel to make the shelf of unwinding.

② It adopts 45# steel to make unwinding shaft;

③ It adopts magnetic powder arrester to control tension.

④ The solid aluminum pump to make guiding roller for film

4.5) Gluing unit (sealed scraping & coating method)

① it adopts casting aluminum to make glue container.

② it adopts 45# steel to make scrapper and limiting stopper.

③ it adopts Q235 steel after finished flat to make sub face plate and plinth.

④ it adopts chrome-plated 45# round steel to make guide shaft at both side.

4.6) Compound unit

① It adopts seamless steel pump with wrapped red NBR to make main press roller.

② It adopts 45# round steel with wrapped red NBR to make model wheel.

③ It adopts 45# round steel to make model shaft, install shaft and joint heads, etc.

④ It adopts plastic welding pistol as heating power when compounding.

5. The flow chart of RTM400 for PVC profiles

Product pictures 7

6. The photo of spare parts matching with machine

Product pictures 8

With a struggling-oriented corporate culture, we continuously improve the development of the enterprise, and make the best Profile Horizontal/Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Machine. Looking into the new century, we will stick to a new path of industrialization, earnestly promote an innovation strategy. Our company has strict management, scientific production, and we emphasize quality control internally and market expansion externally.


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