PVC/WPC Foam Panel/Board Extrusion Line

PVC/WPC Foam Panel/Board Extrusion Line

We design this machine special to decorating the BOTH SURFACES of PVC/uPVC/PVC foaming/WPC doors or boards, and it is installed on extrusion line
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We are striving to generally be a very good business partner of you for Wrapping machines for profiles and panels, PVC Door Frame Printing Line, PUR hot melt glue lamination machine. While constantly improving ourselves, we will adopt a sincere service attitude and a high degree of responsibility. Our company closely connects the development strategy of the company with the pace of China's development, helping the rapid development of the Chinese market and having a place in the world market at the same time.

WPC Foam Panel Extrusion Line Introduction

TY1300 Type Online Hot Stamping & Laminating Machine

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1. Performance:

◎ We design this machine special to decorating the BOTH SURFACES of PVC/uPVC/PVC foaming/WPC doors or boards, and it is installed on extrusion line, before Haul-off and after calibration table;

◎ It can be used for laminating machine, but also hot stamping machine; when use it as laminating machine, we can use laminating glue; when use it as hot stamping machine, we can use hot stamping glue and heat silicon roller under 50-60℃, or just use high temperature hot stamping by 160-180℃ of temperature without glue when your foam boards can bear high temperature.

The decorated PVC/WPC foam sheets:

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Product pictures 4 Product pictures 5

(by PVC film laminating or by PET foil stamping)

2. Technical parameter of TY1300

Effective decorating width


Decorating speed


Thickness of sheet


Driver power


Heating power


Total power


Visual size(L*W*H)


Working temperature

60-80degree or 180degree for hot stamping

Laminating glue

Solvent polyurethane glue

3. Flow chart of TY1300

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4. Basic assembly of TY1300

4.1) Structure of machine

1. The sizes of machine (LxWxH): 3000x2150x1800mm;

2. The conveying roller and press roller are made of seamless steel pipe wrapped with NBR; Q235 steel made guide board of press roller is controlled by air cylinder of diameter 63;

4.2) Unwinding unit*1unit

1. The tension is controlled by DZF-2.5 type magnetic powder brake;

2. It adopts duralumin to make the leading roller for running the film.

4.3) Gluing unit*1unit

The gluing roller is made of seamless steel pipe with reticulate pattern, which is also finished by chrome plated. The press roller adopts seamless steel pipe (45#) and the shaft of steel core wrapped with NBR.

4.4) Thermo-printing on the plane unit*2units

1. It adopts rubber roller to level up the thermo-printing film;

2.The medium-sized air cylinder is used to control thermo-printing head up and down through electromagnetism valve.

4.5) Electric panel

It welds by cold rolled steel boards (thickness1.5mm) then finishes by paint. The inside is installed the contactor, inductor, capacitance, fuse, air switch and line bank. The surface of panel is various buttons, knobs, urgent switches, TC and transducers, etc.

5. Our Services

• For customers buying our products, we provide them free training so that they can use and maintain the machine independently.

• We will answer customer's question on technology in time. If needed, we will offer on-site guidance and assistance.

• We can provide free technical guidance if customers need new equipment, add or rebuild equipment.

• We will prioritize the product upgrade of former customers.

Our company is a set of advanced technology and modern management tools research and development as one of the PVC/WPC Foam Panel/Board Extrusion Line manufacturer. We are committed to deliver best-in-class services to our customers, and continually improve our operational excellence. Our product quality is in a leading position in the same industry and has been unanimously praised by the majority of customers.


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