18mm White Melamine MDF Board Fiber Board for Furniture

18mm White Melamine MDF Board Fiber Board for Furniture

For MDF boards, it’s better to laminate decorative paper or film on the top, then coating UV lacquer to get mirror effect.
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GT1300 Type Three-Roller UV Coating Line

With protective film wrapping for PVC/uPVC/PVC Foam boards

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1. Performance and Application

◎ It is used to coating UV lacquer on the surface of various flat boards, such as PVC boards or doors, PVC imitation marble boards, cement fiber boards or MDF boards, just for different raw material, the working process is little different.

◎ For MDF boards, it’s better to laminate decorative paper or film on the top, then coating UV lacquer to get mirror effect.

◎ The effective coating width is 1300mm and coating thickness is better over 2mm, unless it is flat and hard enough to transmitting by rollers or belt.

◎ The speed is around 2~20m/min, normally the speed is around 6m/min to get mirror effect.

image007 image008

2. Technical parameter of GT1300


Max.printing width



Printing speed



Thickness of board



Electric heating power



UV curing power



Transmission power



Total power



Actual electric consumption



Power supply



Visual sizes(L*W*H)



Loading container

1*40GP+1*20GP(still have some space to load UV lacquer

or PET/PVC film together)


UV lacquer consumption

if adopt 1st and 2nd rollers,coating UV lacquer 8~12g/m2;

if adopt 2nd and 3rd rollers,coating UV lacquer 17-40g/m2;

Normally 20kg/drum of UV lacquer can coat around 200pcs of sheets.

3. The process and flow chart of GT1300

Conveying + brush cleaning →Three-Roller Coating → IR Heating Flattening *4sets→ 3 UV lamps drying → Protective Film Wrapping+automatic film cutting

Product pictures 7

4. Every scheme and performance of every part:

4.1) conveying with brush cleaning unit (used for feeding boards into production line and

cleaning the surface of boards by brushes)

1) Dimension: 2500×1800×900(L×W×H);

2) It adopts 10# channel steel to make frame;

3) It adopts seamless pipe with 45# steel (which knurled patterns on the surface) inside to make convey rollers, controlled by 0.75kw timing motor.

4) It adopts green conveying belt (made in Shanghai China) and installed 45# steel to make baffling wheels to prevent deviation.

5) It adopts rolling brush with 2.2kw exhaust fan to cleaning the dust of boards.

4.2) UV Coating unit (two forward and one backward) (used for coating UV lacquer on the surface of boards to get different effect, Matt, shine and high gloss like mirror)

1) Dimension: 2400×2200×1350(L×W×H);

2) It adopts 100x80 rectangle pipe to make frame and adopts Q235 steel to make wallboard;

3) It adopt green conveying belt to transmitting boards with baffle plate to prevent deviation.

4) It adopt worm gear lifting device to control dovetail guide to control thickness of boards.

5) It adopts 45# seamless steel pipe to make metric roller and chrome plated on the surface whose size is φ150x1400, PU glazing rollers are all 45# seamless steel shaft wrapped with polyurethane whose size isφ205x1400;

6) It adopts stainless steel to make UV lacquer flume and collect the UV lacquer to circulate the lacquer;

7) It matches 2 set ink pump whose working pressure is 4kg;

4.3) heating flattening part*4unit (used for heating thick UV lacquer, melting it and then the UV lacquer can spread even on the surface, and also it can make solvent from UV lacquer volatilized, which won’t generate bubble on the surface of boards)

1) Dimension: 5000×1800×1000(L×W×H);

2) It adopts cold rolling steel after bent to make frame;

3) It adopts 1.5mm cold rolling plate to make cover;

4) it adopts 1000w infrared lamps( made in Wuxi ) inside the heating oven to heat the UV glazing oil and the maximum temperature is 80℃;

5) It adopts green plastic conveying belt to transmit whose size is 10000x1300x3mm ( made in Shanghai );

6) It adopts 3kw motor to install on third IR heating to transmitting 4sets of IR heating together.

4.4) UV drying unit (the UV lacquer should be dried by rays from UV lamps, so after IR heating, it still need UV lamps to drying and curing it.)

1) Dimension: 2500x1800x1600(L×W×H);

2) The frame of this unit is made of 8# channel steel and adopts 2mm cold rolling plate to make seal board of case;

3) The conveying roller adopt seamless steel pipe (45#steel shaft in the middle);

4) It adopts 3pcs UV solidifying lamps whose power is 9kw to curing the oil and the voltage is 380 V;

5) It adopts ventilating fan to vent whose power is 1.5kw ( made by Wuxi Luoshe Fan Factory ), flux is 1200M³/h, pressure is 1250Pa;

6) It adopts 45# steel to make the chains;

7) It adopts 1.5mm cold rolling steel after paint to make the cover;

4.5) Protective Wrapping unit(after UV curing, the surface of boards is very shine, it is easy to damage in transportation, so it’s better to laminate protective film on the surface to protect high gloss surface)

1). The visual sizes of this unit is 2000x1800x1450mm.

2). The frame of this unit is made of 10# channel steel;

3). It adopts seamless steel pipe with 45# steel shaft knurled surface inside to make convey roller, which is controlled by 1.5kw timing motor with Frequency inverter controlled.

4). It adopts green conveying belt (made in Shanghai China) and installed 45# steel to make baffling wheels to prevent deviation.

4.6) conveying unit (used for collecting boards)

1) Dimension: 2000×1800×900(L×W×H);

2) It adopts 10# channel steel to make frame;

3) It adopts zinc-plated conveying rollers to conveying boards, so it’s easy to collecting boards;

4.7) electric panel(the whole line is controlled by one big electric controller)

1) It adopts Chinese famous brand;

2) The electric case hung down the equipment according to the dynamical points distributing;

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