Two Color PVC Skirting Board Printing Machine

We improved our technology on the basic of YIB2100 Model online printer, installed before Haul-off M/C
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Decoration Equipment for PVC Skirting

(normal width of skirting is from 50~85mm)

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Wuxi Yuda Light Industry Machinery Factory

Wuxi city, China


YIB2150 Type Online Two-color Printer

1. Performance and Feature:

◆ We improved our technology on the basic of YIB2100 Model online printer, installed before Haul-off M/C

◆ We adopt worm gear reduce motor to control design cylinder+PU roller+support/convey roller through gears for each printing station and UV coating station, then each worm gear reduce motor controlled by one Frequency Inverter, it can keep each stations synchronously and get more precise and clear designs.

◆ We enlarge the diameter of each roller, the design roller is 202*200mm; PU roller is 205*200mm;support roller is 120*160mm, so the connected square meter between roller and boards are bigger, so it can get big complete designs.

◆ It is used to printing designs and coating UV lacquer on the top of PVC narrow edge band strip or PVC skirting or “П” shape of profiles within 150mm wide;

For printing on PVC skirting, that is little special. Our people always adopt three dies to make, the working principle like that, extruder + co-extruder(match extruded die with flat) → calibration table(match calibration die with flat too) → YIB2150 model printer → Formed die → Haul-off → cutting and stacking; if you extruded “∫” skirting directly, we should make PU rubber very soft, it is also workable, but the PU rubber roller is easy to damage, but better than diameter 120 roller.

The speed is per extrusion line, the center height is 1m or per center height of extruder.

Product pictures 4

Product pictures 5

(The above picture of printer machine is 3-color.)


1. Technical parameter of YIB2150


Printing width



Printing speed

2~25m/min (per extrusion speed)


Color of printing

Double colors.


UV curing power



Drive motor



Total power



Power supply

3phase380V, 50 HZ.


Total length of machine



Weight of machine



Design roller



PU printing/glazing roller



Solvent ink 6-8g/m2

UV lacquer 8-12gm2

2. Flow chart of YIB2150

Product pictures 6


3. Payment and Delivery Terms:

1). Delivery time: Approx.40days from receipt of down payment.

2). Payment: 30% advance payment with order.

70% left payment paid before shipment by T/T.

3). Guarantee: the machine is under warranty for one year, but not including the artificial wrong operation.

4). Assembling works: after machine finished, we will send to extruder supplier to install them with extruder line, show how to operate.


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