Two Color Printing Line for PVC Ceiling Tiles

YIB2100 Type Online Two-color Printer with side printing
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YIB2100 Type Online Two-color Printer with side printing

(install on extrusion line working together)

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Wuxi Yuda Light Industry Machinery Factory

Wuxi city, China

Part 1 design condition

1. it is used to printing designs and coating UV lacquer on the top surface and two sides of U-profile.

2. the effective printing width is 100mm.

3. the printing color is 2-colors for top surface and 1-color for two sides of U-profile.

4. the drive of this machine is from Haul-off of extrusion line, so the speed is the same as extrusion line.

Part 2 flow chart

Product pictures 4

Part 3 Technical parameter of YIB2100


Printing width



Printing speed

2~25m/min (per extrusion speed)


Color of printing

2- colors.


UV curing power



Drive motor



Total power



Power supply

Single phase 220V, 50Hz, three phase 380V, 50 HZ.


Total length of machine



Weight of machine



Design roller



PU printing/glazing roller



Solvent ink 6-8g/m2

Varnish, UV lacquer 8-10gm2

Part 4 basic assembly:

Part one : side printing/side UV coating/Side UV drying

1. 3500x1200x1500(LxWxH)。

2. the frame is welded by square pipe and steel plate;

3. it adopts dovetail type lifting device to adjust working height;

4. It adopts hand-wheel to adjust printing angles and position;

5. it adopts 0.37kw worm gear motor to drive printing roller, the speed is controlled by frequency inverter;

6. φ120x160; all the printing rollers, UV coating rollers and design rollers are 120x160mm;

7. it adopts stainless steel to make ink tank, which can feed inks back to ink drum and use recycle;

8. it adopts pneumatic pump to feeding in inks and UV lacquer;

9. it adopts 2set of 1kw UV lamps to drying side of U-profile.

Part two:top surface printing/UV coating/UV drying

( 1 ) The whole machine adoption 50*50 square pipe and steel plate weld. And adoption universal wheal at bottom.

( 2 ) It adopts 45# steel creation transmission roller and adoption seamless steel pipe wrapped with NBR manufactures pressing roller.

( 3 ) It adopts 45# steel creation guide pole and elevation pole, and the height of elevation controlled by 200 type hand wheal.

( 4 ) It adopts Q235 the steel plate manufactures printing and glazing wallboard and sliding plate.

( 5 ) It adopts 45# steel plate manufactures basic roller and core shaft.

( 6 ) It adopts seamless pipe with 45# steel core shaft wrapped with PU rubber manufactures the printing glue roller.

( 7 ) It adopts seamless pipe manufactures former roller.

( 8 ) It adopts stainless plate manufactures ink tray and flume.

( 9 ) It adopts 1.5mm clod steel plank manufactures curing case system and UV lampshade.

( 10 ) It adopts aluminum plank as UV reflector plank.

Part three: electric controller

( 1 ) It adopts 0.75 kw fan to draught wind, one 5kw ultraviolet radiation light and one 5kw transformer.

( 2 ) Other components of electric appliance are: contact implement, capacitance, melt breaking implement, air switch with connection box of Zhengtai, and controlling part of panel are: various knobs, buttons and emergency switch.

Part 5 Terms

1) 40days from receipt of down payment.

2) Payment: 30% advance payment with order by T/T;

70% left payment paid before shipment by T/T.

3) Guarantee: the machine is under warranty for one year, but not including the artificial wrong operation.

4) Assembling works:

Machine can be installed and start up will be done by our technician at your workshop. This period will not exceed 5 days including the training of your 2 people. For this service a round trip airplane ticket (economy class) and accommodation& food expenses of our technician will be borne by you and offer 50USD/day as technical subsidy.


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