Working Principle Of Hot Stamping Machine

- Feb 20, 2019-

The hot stamping process is mainly based on the principle of hot pressing transfer. Under the action of combined pressure, aluminium electrolyte contacts with the hot stamping plate and the substrate, because the heating of the hot plate makes the hot stamping plate have certain heat. The heating of aluminium electrolyte melts the dyeing resin layer and the adhesive, reduces the viscous force of the dyeing resin layer, and increases the viscous force of the special heat-sensitive adhesive after melting. The aluminium layer and the electrolytic aluminium base film are peeled off and transferred to the substrate at the same time, with the release of pressure. In addition, the adhesives are rapidly cooled and solidified, and the aluminium layer is firmly attached to the substrate to complete a stamping process.


From the composition and hot stamping mechanism of aluminium electrolyte, in order to obtain ideal hot stamping effect, the electrolytic aluminium foil used for hot stamping must meet the following requirements: uniform bottom coating, no obvious color difference, color bar and color spot; uniform base coating, smooth, white without impurities, no obvious stripes, sand spots and oxidation phenomenon; good gloss; strong firmness; high clarity; correct model.