The Temperature Of The Semi-automatic Printing Machine For PVC Edge Banding During Edge Sealing

- Feb 04, 2021-

Since the performance of edge-sealing hot-melt adhesives is affected by temperature, temperature is a very important indicator in the process of edge-sealing. The temperature of the hot melt adhesive, the temperature of the substrate, the temperature of the edge banding material and the temperature of the working environment (the workshop where the semi-automatic edge banding machine is located) are all very important edge banding parameters. In the semi-automatic edge banding machine, since the glue is applied to the substrate, the substrate with too low temperature will cause the hot melt adhesive to solidify in advance, which will cause the glue to stick to the substrate, but the edge sealing material will not stick firmly. The temperature of the substrate It is best to keep it above 20°C. The working environment temperature of the semi-automatic edge banding machine will affect the curing speed of the glue. Factories often have edge sealing problems in low temperature seasons. The reason is that the curing speed of hot melt adhesives at low temperatures increases and the effective time for bonding is shortened. If the feeding speed of the semi-automatic edge banding machine cannot be changed, the plate and edge banding materials must be preheated to ensure the edge banding quality.