The Structure Of The Spc Flooring UV Coating Machine

- Feb 21, 2021-

The two ends of the coating mechanism are installed on the vertical support arms of the coating machine, and the coating mechanism is moved up and down through the transmission of belts, chains or cables to coat along the surface of the screen. The transmission mechanism is connected to the servo or frequency conversion motor to make its operation stable and to accurately control the position of the coating mechanism. Before coating, the clean, stretched screen is loaded from the front of the coating machine, and some models can also be loaded from the side. In the models designed for large-format screen frames, the side-mounted version is more common, because the screen frame is large and heavy, and the side-mounted version can make the lifting and moving volume smaller. When the automatic screen coating machine is running online with other automatic screen processing equipment (such as cleaning equipment, regeneration equipment, drying device and developing machine), it is more convenient to install the plate from the side.