How To Maintain PVC Printing Machine

- Jan 30, 2019-

During the holiday, the residual ink of the print head or the ink feed path may dry out due to the long-term use of the flatbed printer. Due to the cold weather in winter, after the ink cartridge is frozen, the ink will produce impurities such as sediment. These may cause the print head or the ink tube to be blocked, which may affect the printing effect.

In order to avoid the above situation, the user can take some maintenance measures.

For example, during the holiday period, every 1-2 days through the printer's cleaning program, the ink channel or the print head is cleaned with ink to prevent the ink from drying out and blocking the print head and the ink tube.

The user's printer should be stored in an environment that is dry, clean, and not exposed to direct sunlight. Also pay attention to proper ventilation and insulation.

Users should first clean and maintain the flatbed printer after the holiday to ensure its normal printing accuracy and print quality.