How To Judge The Quality Of The Edge Banding Machine

- Jan 15, 2019-

When the edge banding machine is used, it will find such a problem: the edge banding machine makes it difficult to maintain the excellent effect of the product, and is difficult to apply to a suitable alignment product. Measuring the quality of the edge banding machine can be considered from the following important aspects: pneumatic devices can be selected according to needs, powerful heads, pressure can be adjusted according to needs; pvc plastic heat sealing machine head design uses the principle of pushing the lever to push the lever.

It can make the pressure of PVC plastic heat sealing machine uniform, the landing is stable, the pressure of the machine head can be adjusted freely, to meet the needs of different welding depths, the head is flexible and convenient, plus double spring, light pedaling, pressure standard; 

The peripheral rate of the side machine should be stable, and the oscillation weekly rate adopts the international industrial standard 13.68 MHz, 27.12 MHz, and 40.68 MHz frequency band.