Hot Stamping Machine Process

- Feb 20, 2019-

In the application of bronzing machine bronzing process, it will encounter the problem of how to improve work efficiency in production, especially for the process improvement of large quantity products. Directly bronzing on the surface of UV varnish, the process itself has a relatively high requirement for UV varnish and bronzing galvanized aluminum. When varnish coating, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of oil control, and try to ensure the relative varnish coating of the whole batch of products. Stable, and the oil layer should be thin and flat; for the anodized aluminum used in the bronzing machine, it is required to have high temperature resistance, good adhesion, and good gilding suitability with varnish (used in varnish) The type of resin matches the hot melt adhesive in the gilded anodized aluminum). In all products, the range of application of this process is small. In addition, bronzing on gold, silver ink and dumb oil also has high requirements on bronzing surface and bronzing anodized aluminum. Or the surface is rough, it will directly affect the normal operation of bronzing.


Machine adjustment

(1). Temperature regulation. The temperature adjustment of bronzing should be determined according to different products, different process flow and different types of hot stamping paper. The temperature of the bronzing should be determined by the effect of the final bronzing product

(2). Pressure regulation. When the pressure is adjusted, it should be carried out from light to heavy, and slowly, and finally increase to normal pressure. The pressure should not be adjusted too large at one time to avoid crushing the hot stamping plate and causing loss. While adjusting the pressure, you should also pay attention to the balance of the entire layout, the pressure is consistent.

(3). Needle position adjustment. The needle position adjustment should be based on the signature sample, the bronzing position is correct, and the needle position is consistent.

(4). When you first go to work, you should first burn a few samples to compare with the original and the previous product to prevent misalignment.

Hot stamping products should be considered in advance

(1) See what gold is hot and calculate the amount in advance.

(2) Sealed with plastic wrap after printing or pasting.

(3) High-volume and often-made products are to be copper plate.