Film Slitting Machine Cutting Machine Maintenance

- Jan 10, 2019-

1. Check the thickness of the friction plate of the slitter brake, and replace them when the wear is severe;

2. Check if the linear guides of the slitting machine are clean and clean them if necessary;

3. Check if the drive belt of the slitting machine is kept at its proper tension;

4. Check if there is any air leakage on the gas cutting machine, whether the air filter is clean, and clean the filter element at least once a month;

5. Check the surface of all the rubber rollers of the slitting machine. Note that they are not hard materials and must not be in contact with the cutting tool. Use 1 liter of cleaning solution per week (warm water plus low surface tension soap or solvent, so wait for the solution to dry faster) with a lint-free cloth to wipe the roller;

6. Check the filter fan of the slitter fan. If there is too much dust, replace it.

7. When the roller is dirty, it can be scrubbed with fine gauze and industrial alcohol, but be careful not to rub black parts with alcohol to avoid rust.