Factors Affecting The Edge Quality Of Edge Banding Machine

- Jan 20, 2019-

There are many factors affecting the edge sealing quality of the edge banding machine. For example, the edge sealing work is interrupted, which interferes with the time measurement and affects the reliability of the working time application.

There are several ways to increase your work rate, productivity, and quality goals:

1. If the local edge banding is not firmly bonded to the edge of the board, it can be glued and repaired. If necessary, tear the edge band off, saw it off or mill it off and re-edge it.

Second, when it is found that there are rust spots on the board, wipe the anti-rust oil on the machine in time.

Third, often maintain the edge banding machine equipment, especially the glue applicator of the edge banding machine.

Fourth, the coordination between the process flow and the process (such as the first drilling of the plate or door strips, such as group sealing), to be clear and clear, the cooperation will be good

Have a bad influence;

Five. The performance of the edge banding machine (such as the track speed), the orientation and height of the workpiece placement, the working speed of the workers and the judgment of the fault handling

Forces, workers' work coordination, etc. will affect the normal use of the edge banding machine. Therefore, before the workers are employed, they should be trained in the necessary use.

Try to reduce the number of hours of work interrupted during work, please try to use skilled workers.