Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of The Winding Machine

- Jan 30, 2019-

For winding machine equipment, maintenance is a common small thing, machine equipment, it is inevitable that there will be many small problems, so how to avoid these small problems? In general, pay attention to the following methods: the disassembly and assembly of the turntable should be reasonable, Remove the four turntable retaining screws and remove the turntable from the base. Pay attention to adjusting the tightness of the chain.

Generally, after using the new machine for one week, you need to remove the turntable to re-adjust the tension of the chain. After that, use it normally. Check the chain wear every 3 months and adjust the chain tension once. 

At the same time, the cleaning of the fuselage is also very important. When wiping the machine, use a dry cloth or a weak alkaline detergent, use organic solvents and gasoline, etc. If the environment is dirty, after using for a period of time, there will be debris entering the bottom plate, at least Clean up once every three months. Secondly, it is necessary to regularly inject lubricant into the gears of the winding machine, and add it every three days to ensure the wear and maintenance of the chain and record it, so as not to forget the next injection, so as to avoid the wear of the winding machine gear and affect the winding machine. Life expectancy.