Advantages Of The Processing Of The Edge Banding Glue Line Of The Printing Machine For PVC Edge Banding

- Feb 06, 2021-

After edge sealing, the glue line between the board and the edge band will adversely affect the appearance of the panel furniture. If the amount of glue is too large, the glue line will be obvious. On the contrary, it will reduce the edge banding strength. For the discontinuous or uneven glue line phenomenon, there are many reasons, and the following factors should be considered: the cutting accuracy of the plate, the edge of the plate must be at a 90° angle with its plane; edge banding machine Whether the pressure of the pressure roller is evenly distributed and the size is appropriate, and the pressure direction should be at a 90° angle with the edge of the sheet; whether the glue roller is intact, whether the hot melt glue is even on it, and whether the amount of glue is appropriate; save the sealed sheet as much as possible In a clean, less dusty place, in the finishing process, avoid dirty things in contact with the glue line. Shanghai semi-automatic edge banding machine wins trust with enthusiasm, automatic edge banding machine, Shanghai automatic edge banding machine quality station advantage.