Advantages Of Portable Three Color PVC Edge Band Printing Machine

- Feb 08, 2021-

The portable woodworking edge banding machine can freely change the workplace and arrive at the decoration site for on-site construction, which is suitable for the decoration industry.

After several years of research and development in our factory, the latest products have become more complete and comprehensive additional functions: 1. The applicable width range of the edge band has been increased to 10mm-60 mm. 2. Host glue supply system: the glue supply shaft is fixed at the upper and lower fulcrums, the structure is stable and durable. 3. Special plastic basin insulation design; increased capacity and short preheating time. 4. Thermostat: automatically control the temperature according to the sol temperature required by the edge band and the hot sol. 5. Speed governor: adjust the machine speed according to different glue application and belt pressing needs. 6. All electrical accessories have reached UL and CSA standards, and the whole machine has met CE certification.