Working principle and maintenance of film wrapping machine for upvc window profiles

- Apr 24, 2019-

The film wrapping machine for upvc window profiles adopts various forming pressure rollers to simulate the manual veneer movement, and attaches the surface decoration material to the surface of the substrate. Generally, the center line or the highest point or the lowest point of the profile is selected as the starting point, and the pressure wheel is along the profile. The surface profile, fixed point by point, in sequence, forms the envelope of the profile profile. When the profile moves in the conveying direction, the glued decorative material is crushed point by point through the pressing roller and the forming wheel to realize the composite work of the two.


film wrapping machine for upvc window profiles adopts special pressure roller to make special surface coating for building materials with various decorative lines, profiles and furniture, door edge, etc. It can cover various angle arcs, convex and concave surfaces, and can pack fabrics of different materials. Covering a variety of substrates, the product grade is greatly improved, and replace the traditional paint process.


Although the film wrapping machine for upvc window profiles has high automation, easy operation and high production efficiency, its working environment should be kept clean to prevent dust from falling into the rubber coating system and affecting the quality of the coating. And the lubricating oil in the reducer should be replaced with new lubricating oil after the first use for one month, and then replaced every six months. When the workload is large, replace it once every three months.


When the temperature is high in summer, the viscosity of the reducer should be replaced. When the temperature is low in winter, the gear oil with low viscosity should be replaced. Transmission system: sprocket drive, the chain part is added with butter once a month. In the case of a gear transmission system, the turbine seat should be greased once every two weeks. If the turbine seat is oil-free, the butter should be added twice a week. After the upvc window profile wrapping machine is finished, the main power supply must be turned