What should I pay attention to when using PVC printing machine?

- Jan 20, 2019-

1. Generate fever, smoke, odor, abnormal sound, etc. Please turn off the power and contact the information personnel immediately.

2. Do not put other items. When the printer is not used for a long time, please pull out the power plug from the power socket.

3. For the sake of prevention, when the mine is thundering, pull the power plug out of the socket. If it is inserted, the machine may be damaged.

4. Printing is prohibited when the paper and ribbon cassette are not set. The print head and print roller can be damaged.

5. The print head is at a high temperature. Do not allow contact until the temperature drops. Prevent burns and injuries.

6. Do not touch the print cable connector and the metal part of the printhead. Do not touch the printhead while the printhead is working.

7. It is forbidden to cut off the power when the print head is working.

8. Please do not disassemble, move or drag at will. If there is any malfunction, please contact the information staff.

9. Prohibit foreign matter (staple, metal sheet, liquid, etc.) from entering the unit, otherwise it may cause electric shock or machine malfunction.

10. Turn on the printer when the printer is properly powered, the data cable is connected to the computer.

11. For printing the same duplicate file, please do not exceed 5 copies. When more than 5 copies, you should get the copy on the front desk copy machine.

12. When the amount of printing is too large, keep the printer within 30 copies and let the printer rest for 5-10 minutes to prevent the printer from overheating and being damaged.

13. When printing the file, it is not allowed to use paper with too much thickness (more than 80g), and wrinkles and folded paper are not allowed.