What is the advantage of Pvc ceiling panel printing machine compared with traditional printing?

- Apr 18, 2019-

Compared with the previous printing of the Pvc ceiling panel printing machine, the printing procedure of the Pvc ceiling panel printing machine is simple. The Pvc ceiling panel printing machine does not require the steps of plate making, printing, and repeated color registration, and does not require various types of tools required for screen printing and thermal transfer. ,material. An operator can perform the printing operation completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple and easy to obtain. The experience of the operator is low, as long as you understand the simple image processing software.


Secondly, Pvc ceiling panel printing machine can be compatible with different industries, not limited to materials, will not cause material damage, cater to the diversified needs of the market, and better provide users with more comprehensive production services. The printing position of the Pvc ceiling panel printing machine is accurate, avoiding the problem of positional offset encountered by manual printing. The traditional printing mode and method are no longer used. It is no longer a simple manual operation and craft printing. It is a computer with high technical content. The connection, combined with automated control technology, allows for very precise alignment of the areas and locations to be printed, avoiding the problem of positional offsets encountered by manual printing.


Since the Pvc ceiling panel printing machine is a one-time multi-color printing, there is no problem of color registration. These advantages can also be combined very effectively with engraving, etching, etc., to print beautiful images in the engraved area, or to perform precise etching after printing.


The Pvc ceiling press can change the printed content at any time, change the printing effect, and can perform one-to-one digital printing without the tedium of plate making. The production process is simple and inexpensive.