What are the parts of the structural system of the laminating machine?

- Feb 10, 2019-

The structural system of the laminating machine mainly includes four parts: loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system. The heating system consists of a measuring element, a controller, and a heater. Its function is to raise and thermostat the water in the container, and the heat is conducted through the water to the pressurized capacitor plate to be evenly heated. The batten is softened by heat, which is beneficial to both compression and cracking under pressure.


The heating element is a stainless steel electric heating plate wrapped around the outer surface of the sealed container. After the electric heating, the electric heating plate generates heat, and the heat is transferred to the water in the container to raise the temperature. In practice, in order to ensure that the water temperature can meet the process requirements, it is usually heated before feeding, and the water temperature is directly measured by a temperature detecting instrument. The container is in a high-pressure sealed state during work, and the water temperature can only be measured and controlled by an intelligent digital display temperature controller. The temperature measuring component cannot directly measure the temperature of the liquid in the container, and can only adopt an indirect measurement method. Therefore, it is required to reduce the measurement error and the control lag in the selection and installation of the component. The pressure system consists of a pressure transmitter, a pressure control meter, a booster pump, a manual valve, and a pneumatic valve. Its function is mainly: the pressure transmitter detects the pressure in the sealed container, converts the pressure value into a standard signal of 4~20 mA, and transmits it to the signal input end of the pressure control instrument.

The pressure control instrument is the control core of the pressure system. It receives the pressure signal from the pressure transmitter and controls the output according to the magnitude of the received pressure signal.