Water resistance and stability of edge band printing machine

- Jul 23, 2019-

The pressure-feeding property of the edge banding press, another characteristic of the grease is the ease of pressurization; in the central grease supply system, two greases that are equally easy to be pumped at normal temperature are at lower temperatures. The pressureability in the environment is often very different.

Dropping point

Because the grease contains different soap base relationships, different greases will melt at different temperatures. The dropping point is the temperature at which the grease changes from a semi-solid to a liquid; most of the calcium soap is melted at 160-210 °F, sodium soap is 350-350 °F, and lithium soap is 350-400 °F, so at high temperatures It is preferred to use sodium soap or lithium soap. Nowadays, most printing machines are quite high. Due to the high number of bearings in the motor, the bearing temperature is also increased accordingly. The grease with higher dropping point can be used to make high-speed motor bearings such as “carbon pump”. "Bearings, etc. have better protection.

Water resistance of edge band printing machine

Some greases still need to perform their lubrication regardless of contact with water, so their water resistance is an important property. Calcium soap and lithium soap based grease are insoluble in water, while sodium soap is soluble in water and therefore cannot be used as a lubricant that may come into contact with water. The printing process requires mixing of water, so some bearings must be protected with a good water-resistance grease, otherwise the bearing life will be greatly reduced.

Edge strip printing machine stability

Some greases retain their original hardness after being added to the bearing. It is also said to have high stability. This grease can soften after working for a period of time in the anti-friction bearing. If it is not sealed, it will flow out of the bearing. During the printing process, the powder is continuous and covered. If the grease used is poor in stability, it will cause the pollutants to easily enter the bearing and the components, causing great damage to the printing machine.