UV coating machine classification

- Nov 29, 2019-

UV coating machine can be divided into: full precision roller coating machine, semi-precision roller coating machine, ordinary roller coating machine, positive and negative roller coating machine, the working principle is similar, but the function is somewhat different.


Fully precision automatic paint spraying machine: the uniform cloth rubber roller and the uniform rubber roller speed can be adjusted separately and precisely, which is most suitable for roller coating UV paint.


Semi-precision roller coating machine: Only the uniform rubber roller can adjust the speed separately and is suitable for NC paint and UV primer, and the cost is high.


Ordinary roller coating machine: Uniform rubber roller and steel roller can not adjust the speed, can only roll NC paint, the cost is too high, has been eliminated models.


Roller structure: The frame carries all the parts of the machine and, like the chassis of the car, is the basis of the entire machine. The workbench is the feeding system of the equipment and needs to run smoothly. The uniform cloth head is the painting system of the equipment, and the uniform rubber roller and the uniform steel wheel are installed on the top.


Roller coating machine: It consists of paint pump, paint tube, ball valve, pipe joint, etc. It is responsible for pumping the paint onto the uniform cloth head. Repainting system: It is responsible for the paint recycling cycle consisting of short return paint tank, long return paint tank and paint return funnel. Control system: It consists of control box, electrical cabinet, frequency converter, potentiometer, button, indicator light, etc., which controls the operation of the whole machine.