UV coating line function for wooden furniture

- Jul 08, 2019-

The wooden furniture paint film treated by the UV coating line has a smooth surface and good saturation, and there is no paint before and after. It can be similar to the coating effect, but the thickness of the topcoat is greatly reduced, which can save costs. The conveyor belt and the electro-optical wheel are separately controlled by high-quality motor and frequency converter to make the paint smoothness and the film thickness more precise.

The wooden furniture UV coating line coating wheel adopts quick release type, convenient for dressing and accurate positioning. Depending on the paint process requirements, the number of coating wheels can be made. The customer can choose the touch screen humanized operation interface.

UV coating line application range

It is suitable for the paint production of solid wood, solid wood composite and bamboo flooring, solid wood door panels, furniture panels and special panels.

Basic skills

Lamp timing, fan failure alarm, semi-light/total light conversion, variable frequency speed regulation, capacitor automatic discharge device, etc.

The main advantage:

The material can be solidified at multiple angles, and the lampshade can be adjusted up and down and left and right for different sizes.