UV coating line for PVC floor tile operation process and electrical system

- Jul 06, 2019-

In the process of working, the UV coating line for PVC floor tile mainly uses the domestic original frequency conversion reducer to drive the chain. The whole equipment runs smoothly, uniform speed and no jitter, and the speed is 0-15 m/min steplessly adjustable. The chain running speed can be adjusted according to the process requirements of the sprayed parts to improve productivity. The machine cabinet is made of stainless steel, and can be automatically sprayed by robot or reciprocator.

The UV coating line for PVC floor tile electrical system mainly uses imported programmable logic (PLC) controller and human-machine interface (touch screen) for control. high degree of automation. Reasonable and efficient process configuration not only makes the equipment performance better, but also considers environmental protection.

UV coating line for PVC floor tile operation process

1. Put into the product: put the coated object on the plug-in and start working.

2. Electrostatic dust removal: remove the oil and dust brought by injection molding.

3, preheating: in order to better color the coated object a little temperature.

4. Primer spraying: Cover the color of the plastic itself, and spray the color for the production.

5. Drying: Drying through the IR zone in the tunnel to prepare for the next spraying.

6, surface spray: spray color required to spray.

7. Leveling and drying: leveling and drying through the tunnel.

8, UV spray curing: and UV coating with UV light 365nm light coating required color (800 ~ 1200mj) for instant curing.

9, shipping and check the packaging.