TY1300 Model Hot Stamping Machine for WPC board

- Jun 18, 2020-

This machine has two functions, it can be used as a hot stamping machine or a laminating machine, specially used to decorate various designs of PVC/PVC foam/WPC/WPC foam board or door or panel ceiling surface

●When used as a hot stamping machine, it has two functions of low temperature and high temperature, which can meet the wall thickness requirements of different profiles; usually the wall thickness of panels and doors is too thin, it is best to use low temperature 60-80 degrees, if the wall thickness is thick, you can Direct use of 180-degree high temperature does not require solvent chemistry, which will be more environmentally friendly.

●When used as a laminating machine, PVC decorative film can be laminated on the surface of the flat plate by solvent PU glue.