Thermostat and extrusion material for hot stamping extrusion line

- Jul 12, 2019-

The hot stamping extrusion line will not appear in the normal use range. Under the same conditions, the output of this equipment is 50% higher than that of other brands. The high quality material processing technology is used to make the plasticized products reach more than 10,000 tons. .

The temperature regulating device of the hot stamping extrusion line can ensure that the hot oil flows at a constant temperature at a constant speed to a certain extent, so that a better heating function can be achieved, and to some extent, a strong magnetic frame can be used to remove the magnetic substance and its electrical The components are all imported products, making the control system safe and reliable.

The plastic profile extrusion process of the hot stamping extrusion line can be divided into two types: pre-coextrusion and post-coextrusion according to the molding state of the co-extruded material. Pre-coextrusion means that two materials are composited in the process of not being fully formed; post-coexcitation means that one material has been completely formed and then composited with another material. The advantage of post-coextrusion is the ability to utilize waste and is economical.

The extrusion process of plastic profile can be divided into organic coextrusion and inorganic coextrusion according to different extrusion materials. Organic coextrusion consists of co-extrusion with the same material (such as pre-coextrusion of fine material and recycled material) and co-extrusion before different materials (such as co-extrusion of PMMA and PVC) and post-coextrusion of soft and hard PVC; inorganic coextrusion Can be divided into aluminum-plastic composite coextrusion and steel-plastic composite coextrusion.