The temperature control of the Hot Stamping Machine For PVC Ceiling Panel

- Jan 23, 2021-

During operation, the temperature of the automatic hot stamping machine needs to be controlled within the specified acceptable range, and the dyed resin layer is melted at a constant temperature or other temperature to ensure uniform color distribution. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the printing material to produce a paste, and the material will also undergo chemical changes and lose its own luster, even blistering or dullness. However, if the temperature is too high, the chemical reaction is not sufficient and the hot stamping effect is not strong, and the surface is easy to fall off and discolor; when the temperature is too low, the isolation layer and adhesive layer of the anodized aluminum will not melt sufficiently, which will cause the hot stamping wood or the hot stamping to be weak , So that the imprint is incomplete and sloppy. Therefore, the temperature of the automatic hot stamping machine should be controlled at 70~180℃. After the optimal temperature is determined, it should be kept as constant as possible from beginning to end to ensure the stable quality of the same batch of products. When there are different graphic structures on the same layout, choosing the same hot stamping temperature often cannot meet the requirements at the same time. There are two solutions to this situation: one is to choose two different types of anodized aluminum at the same temperature; the other is to use two electric heating plates under the conditions allowed by the layout (such as a larger interval between two pictures and texts) , It is controlled by two voltage regulating transformers to obtain two different temperatures to meet the hot stamping needs of the automatic hot stamping machine.