The slip shaft plays an important role in the slitting machine

- Dec 11, 2019-

Because the whole roll is cut into multiple rolls, it is required that the internal take-up tension can be precisely controlled in stages, and only in this way can the product elongation and end face uniformity be ensured. However, due to the thickness error of the material itself, in the process of strip winding, a large accumulation error occurs in each coil diameter, resulting in a large gap between speed and tension, tightness of the coil, uneven end faces, and partial tension of the coil. Excessively stretched and deformed.


Therefore, this requires a reel that can overcome these problems, and the slip shaft can just overcome these phenomena. The slip ring can slip with a certain slip torque, and the slip amount can compensate for the speed difference. It can accurately control the tension of each roll of material. According to the material, strip width, thickness, tension, so choose the appropriate slip axis to achieve the desired effect.