The method of Hot Stamping Machine For PVC Ceiling Panel production

- Jan 29, 2021-

Ordinary gold and laser gold hot stamping can be used for most products, including gold cards, silver cards, laser cards and glass cards. The application is more common. 2. Positioning holographic hot stamping, holographic laser positioning anodized aluminum is a special process application in design, with corresponding anti-counterfeiting patterns, which can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the product, and at the same time improve the grade of the product. This kind of anodized aluminum is generally produced domestically. Compared with foreign imports, the price is relatively cheap, but the bronzing performance is slightly worse. Holographic laser positioning anodized aluminum has a great relationship with the bronzing temperature, bronzing pressure and vehicle speed, even the bronzing model. 3. The special application of anodized aluminum in the process, first hot and then printed is a new idea in cigarette label design and printing industry. The application of this process has high requirements for anodized aluminum. In addition to achieving accurate bronzing position, smooth and bright surface, balanced and uniform pressure, no blistering, no paste, etc., special attention must be paid to the edge of the bronzing pattern not to have obvious pressure The hot stamping anodized aluminum should have good adhesion on the hot stamping surface, and there should be no obvious scratches and scratches.