The enthusiasm and art design of PUR hot melt glue wrapping machine

- Apr 28, 2019-

The PUR hot melt glue wrapping machine can be used as a cover when it is used, so that the paper can be protected, and the life of the cover (or the surface of the printed product) can be extended after the film is coated, especially for the student textbook. , so the usage is getting bigger and bigger. Imprints are not easily damaged. After coating with a film, the color printed image can be colored and protected without being worn. This is beneficial for the publishers to make various art designs according to their needs on the surface of the cover or printed products, thus also promoting the increase in usage.


The whole process of PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine lamination, including film selection, film coating, and cutting. Mainly used for advertising pictures, post-production of wedding photos, and the film-covered pictures have high anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, anti-wrinkle and anti-ultraviolet erosive properties, which can produce strong stereoscopic effect and artistic appeal. The cold heading machine is the main equipment for completing the film coating, and also the necessary matching equipment for the computer inkjet printer and the electrostatic photo machine. Commonly used equipment for laminating is manual cold laminating machine, electric cold laminating machine, self-uncovering film cold laminating machine and automatic cold and hot laminating machine, in addition to transfer equipment.


The enthusiasm of PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine


The mounting method of the special hot film on the equipment heated to a certain temperature (about 100-180 ° C) is called hot enthalpy, and can be divided into one-side hot enthalpy and double-sided enthalpy, because of its light permeability and water repellency. Good, heat resistance, hardness, suitable for post-production of advertising pictures based on lighting or other occasions.