The characteristics and use process of hot stamping machine for pvc panel

- May 22, 2019-

In the process of using the hot stamping machine for pvc panel, the hot stamping is to press the hot stamping foil on the printed piece with a heated hot stamping plate, melt the adhesive layer of the hot stamping foil, and separate the color carrier from the paper base. The image colorant is heat pressed onto the printing surface until a coloring material adheres to the printing surface.

There are two types of hot stamping machine for pvc panel: intermittent type and continuous type. The intermittent type hot stamping machine performs hot stamping in the case where the printing part and the hot stamping foil are stationary. The continuous hot stamping machine is in the printing part and The hot stamping head performs hot stamping in the case of continuous movement.

Hot stamping machine for pvc panel features

1, intelligent digital temperature time display, automatic constant temperature, automatic timing.

2. The heating plate and the heating plate are integrated into one body, which is safe, durable and evenly distributed.

3. The high temperature resistant silicone backing plate makes the baking pressure more uniform and does not deform at 300 °C.

4. Automatic time control; convenient pressure