The bronzing process of the Hot Stamping Extrusion Line

- Aug 14, 2020-

The hot stamping machine is specially designed for hot stamping PVC cards. It is used for hot stamping and silver printing on the characters and raised codes on PVC cards such as VIP cards, ID cards, and bank cards. Using a hot stamping machine for embossing, you can obtain card and packaging products with rich three-dimensionality and beautiful colors. This product also has many advantages. The hot stamping machine is equipped with a safety protection device to ensure the safety of the operator; using double cover loading and hot stamping, high work efficiency and stable quality. The hot stamping machine is controlled by the controller, which can ensure the stable and reliable operation of the machine. The workbench can move back and forth automatically, which is convenient, safe and quick to operate. The worktable can be adjusted forwards, backwards, left, and right, and can also be rotated. The flat hot stamping machine adopts automatic loading and unloading, and has shutdown alarm functions such as lack of material and insufficient air pressure to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel. It adopts the design of elbow mechanism, which consumes less compressed air and has stronger pressure. The stamping pressure, temperature and stamping time of the pneumatic press can be adjusted. When cutting, master the speed and direction of the turning tool and store it in a cool and ventilated place, protected from sun, heat, moisture, and pressure. The anodized foil should be made of paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene and composite glue with suitable properties. The hot stamping parts should be kept dry to avoid oxidation or damage to the bronzing layer.