Temperature control of automatic Laminating Machine For PVC Window Profiles

- Feb 04, 2021-

Temperature is the primary factor for pre-coating film laminating, because the adhesive on the pre-coating film is hot-melt adhesive, temperature determines the melting state of the hot-melt adhesive, and determines the direction of the hot-melt adhesive molecules to BOPP film, printed matter ink layer, paper, etc. The penetration capacity and diffusion capacity. Although the increase in the temperature of the film is helpful for the enhancement of the bonding strength, too high temperature will cause the film to shrink, the surface of the product will be shiny, foam, and the product will be wrinkled. According to practical experience, the film temperature should be controlled between 60~100℃. The surface of the paper of the laminating machine is not smooth. Only under suitable pressure, the molten hot melt adhesive can completely cover the surface of the printed matter, and the laminating product is bright, and the bonding effect from the laminating machine is good. The pressure is small and the bonding is not strong; the pressure is higher, which helps to improve the bonding force between the film and paper products. However, if the pressure is too large, it is easy to cause wrinkles in the product, and it is easy to damage and deform the surface of the rubber roller, reducing the service life of the rubber roller. As the pressure increases, the contact pressure between the rubber roller and the heating roller increases, which increases the load and wear of the shaft heads and bearings of the two rollers of the laminating machine, and at the same time increases the load on the transmission system. Too much pressure will affect the service life of the whole machine.