Teach you to operate the pipe cutting machine safely

- Jan 10, 2019-

Inevitably encounter some problems in daily life. When the film slitting machine cuts the film, uneven cutting will occur, and the tube will be cut when the cutting is turned off. Whether it is a slitting machine or a pipe cutting machine, pay attention to safety when operating.

1. The spindle shift must be made after stopping. The gears must be fully engaged when shifting. When the machine is found to be abnormal, stop it immediately.

2. Adjust the tool and clamp the work before cutting. The length of the clamping part must not be less than 50 mm. The parking baffle should be fixed and can be operated after being tested in sequence, such as clamping, loosening, forward and backward.

3. When the machine is turning, no part of the human body should touch the transmission parts. When operating, it is necessary to tie the cuffs and work with gloves. The human head should be offset from the cutting direction.

4. When changing tools, measuring workpieces, lubricating, and cleaning the tube head, it must be stopped.

5. When cutting the tube head, prevent the tube head from flying out and hurting people.

6. When the long tube is placed in the rack and the bundled wire is loosened, measures should be taken to prevent the tube from rolling, impacting, and crushing the person.

7. When using the grinding wheel cutting machine, the grinding wheel should be inspected for defects, cracks and moisture, and the power cord is reliable.

8. The dust removal device should be in good condition before cutting.

9. It should not stand in the direction of workpiece feeding and discharging.