Take you to understand the Foam Board Hot Stamping Machine

- Dec 14, 2020-

The hot stamping machine fully interprets a modern hot stamping technology. It does not use ink. It is a special printing process. It can print the hot stamping paper on the surface of the substrate under a certain pressure and temperature, and then complete the hot stamping. crafting process. The text stamped with a bronzing machine has a very gorgeous visual effect, dazzling and magnificent. It is widely used in paper, electronic appliances, toys, clothing, gifts, plastics and other industries. The products processed by the hot stamping machine have clear patterns, beautiful appearance, and not easy to wear, which completely brings the products to a new level, keeping up with the pace of the times, leading the trend, and becoming an international fashion trend. In the state of heating and pressurizing, hot stamping patterns or text on the surface of the material, to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect, we must pay attention to the choice of the material's anodized aluminum foil, and control the time, temperature and pressure. It should be noted that the bronzing machine should be placed in a place that is ventilated, dry, well-lit, and easy to operate.