Specific use method of Laminating Machine For PVC Window Profiles

- Feb 06, 2021-

When using a fully automatic laminating machine, pay attention to the combination of printing materials. Another main feature is the absence of glue coating. When drying, the laminating machine has a compact structure and a small volume. At this time, attention should be paid to operating the imprinting and creasing machine. If the operation is good, the product quality will be good, and the stability of the computer printer will be high. The automatic conveying mechanism can ensure that the printed matter does not overlap during the transmission process and can automatically enter the composite part. Most machines use pneumatic or friction methods to achieve this, without the need for automatic laminating machines. While meeting these requirements, it can also guarantee the accuracy and accuracy of transmission! The transmission system is controlled by a computer. After gear reduction, it drives the movement and composite parts of the paper feeding mechanism. The pressure roller can automatically maintain the working pressure without adjustment to ensure that the coating work can continue. If the brightness of the coated product is not enough, you can use a calender roll for secondary extrusion, which can improve the brightness of the product!