Side pressure slip shaft of slitting machine

- Dec 21, 2019-

The axial transmission pressure compresses the respective slip ring axially. During the rotation of the mandrel, the friction ring end generates frictional force, and the friction torque is generated when the sliding deflection occurs, and the size changes with the axial pressure. The disadvantage is that there is a pressure diminishing phenomenon between the ring and the ring. The advantage is that a large torque can be generated to achieve a large torque and a large friction tension winding.


1) The mechanical side pressure difference sliding shaft, the ends of both ends are pressed by springs, suitable for low speed machine (200m/min), the tension can not be adjusted in real time.


2) Pneumatic side pressure slip shaft, the drive end is pressed by the plane cylinder, and the air pressure is adjusted in real time, which can realize constant tension or taper tension control.