Roller hot stamping machine maintenance should start from these five steps

- Jan 11, 2021-

Oil injector

The lubricator is a combined part of the bronzing machine. It is necessary to disassemble and clean it regularly to ensure the working efficiency of the machine.

Electrical box

The electrical box is the energy center of the entire hot stamping machine. For this reason, we must take good care of it. If the electrical box fails, repair it in time. You can start with its electrical route and aging degree.


The operator needs to change the lubricating oil of the fuselage regularly. If the lubricating oil is not changed regularly, the hot stamping speed of the hot stamping machine will slow down and the quality of the printed products will not be ideal. If necessary, clean the inside and outside of the machine. For example, ensure that there is no paper scraps and dirt on the linoleum, and the oil pump and other parts should also be cleaned. Make sure that the oil path of the machine is unblocked.


According to the use of the hot stamping machine, regular maintenance of the cylinder, if it is not maintained for a long time, the cylinder will fail, which requires replacement of the cylinder. The cost of replacing parts is relatively large. Therefore, we must maintain it well during production, check the inner wall, the water interlayer, and the mirror surface more. If there are traces, we should immediately clean the cylinder head or packing of the machine.


The operator should always check the accuracy of the instrument, such as barometer, oil pressure gauge, etc. If these instruments are not maintained for a long time, they will quickly deteriorate, and the accuracy and sensitivity will decrease.