PVC profile printing machine use and product information

- Apr 20, 2019-

PVC profile printing machine does not require plate making and repeated coloring process, easy to operate and maintain; low input cost, high-speed printing is fully suitable for industrial mass production; can print any medium within the specified thickness, completely overcome the use of special paper and special specifications Traditional printing methods can use very thin or very thick objects.


The PVC profile printing machine has a significant anti-spray clogging function, which automatically cleans the print head in various modes according to the consumer's choice, thus preventing nozzle clogging. At the same time, the height can be adjusted according to the printed object, and the horizontal moving vertical spray structure is adopted, which can conveniently and freely use various raw materials; and the automatic feeding time can be set in batch production at random, thereby eliminating the steps of repeatedly operating the computer.


The PVC profile printing machine uses special ink to make the output image realistic, achieve photo quality, waterproof image, sunscreen, wear resistance and never fade. The use of a large-capacity ink cartridge avoids the impact of frequent ink cartridge changes and affects printing efficiency while minimizing printing costs.


The PVC profile printing machine is simple, simple, easy to operate, and fully humanized and scientifically designed. Follow the mainstream with a full black design. The main buttons are arranged on the right side of the body, so from the front, the appearance of the panel is very simple, and the lines are simple and neat.