Profiles wrapping machine safety and process requirements

- Jun 25, 2019-

The  profiles wrapping machine has a non-stop paper-feeding device during the work to ensure continuous production. The large-diameter pressing roller effectively increases the production speed and ensures that the composite product is flat and bright. The powder removing mechanism combined with powder sweeping and powder compacting ensures the powder removing effect.

The profiles wrapping machine has a dry drying tunnel structure to ensure that the glue on the film can be quickly dried. The adjustable speed disc cutter ensures the slitting of the paper. The motor adopts frequency conversion control, which is safe and reliable. The pre-coating film is a process of pre-compressing the plastic film on the plastic film and then recombining with the paper printing product.

The pre-coating film of the profiles wrapping machine is firstly coated and re-rolled by the pre-coated film processing factory according to the specifications of the used specifications, and then used by the manufacturer for re-combination with the printed paper.

The pre-coating process is mainly pre-adhesiveupper-rollingsizing coating (hanging type)curing and coolingrewindingcuttingretracting volumefinished packaging. Pre-coating machine: temperature adjustment roll up paper feed heating compound slitting automatic stacking finished product.

There are three kinds of pre-coated films: hot film, pressure sensitive film and special film. Binding is mainly used in two types of hot film: BOPP, PET (and one is N nylon)

Laminating machine bonding safety matters

1. Pay attention to personal safety when bonding the joints to prevent burns and electric shock.

2, the bonding operation requires at least two people to be present, assist each other, and cooperate with the operation.

3. The bonding operation is required to be carried out on an open space. There must be a guardian during construction.

4. There must be no flammable materials on the bonding site, and fire facilities must be present.