Production process composition and plasticizing effect of PVC edge banding extrusion machine

- May 04, 2019-

PVC edge banding extrusion machine production line is mainly used to produce all kinds of PVC edge banding, widely used in medium and high-grade furniture, kitchen utensils, bedroom suites, office series and so on.

The production process of PVC edge banding extrusion machine:

Raw material mixing - PVC extrusion host plasticization - precision mold embossing - cooling setting device - traction machine - winder

PVC edge banding extrusion machine features: It has good adhesion, trimming and same color, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet effect, yellowing resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection, no color difference between batches.

PVC edge banding extrusion machine should be used for all kinds of PVC furniture, door and window edge banding, mixing machine, granulator, single screw extruder, mold, embossing, sink, traction machine, winder composition.

PVC edge banding extrusion machine process is as follows

The first step: color matching - raw material agitation - granulator granulation.

The second step: single screw extrusion + mold + embossing + sink + traction machine + winder + surface printing.

Or it can be directly one-step method, first mix, then double-screw to eat powder, through the die extrusion molding.

Specially designed screw and barrel ensure high-speed extrusion of the equipment and excellent plasticizing effect. It is equipped with a three-dimensional electric PVC edge banding extrusion line to open the vacuum tank. The mechanical height adjustment and direction finding adjustment are convenient for operation and ensure the accurate setting of the product. The traction device is controlled by frequency conversion, and the wear-resistant traction track ensures high speed and stability of