Problems encountered in film slitting machine and solutions

- Jan 10, 2019-

When using the film slitting machine, various problems are often encountered, for example, the main motor does not turn, the automatic correction power indicator does not light, the indicator light does not light, there is no automatic correction, and there is no reaction, manual cutting. The winding is not uniform, the ear fan is not turned, the unwinding material is starting, the meter counting is not allowed, and so on. These are the problems encountered with film slitters during operation. 

The solution of the film slitting machine is to reset the emergency stop button, connect the three-phase power supply, check the main circuit to loosen the contact, repair or replace the variable frequency start button switch, replace the 1A fuse, replace the 5A fuse, and refer to the automatic correction. 

Explain that the paper core that meets the required inner diameter is replaced, and the winding roller is used in the winding process to adjust the appropriate unwinding tension. If high-quality slitting is required, the requirements for the slitting material itself are correspondingly high. The two wheels of the rice wheel are in contact with the feeding rubber roller at the same time, and a marking hand is shaken on the meter wheel for 5 times to count 1 meter or the meter is replaced.