Preparation and commissioning of film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles before use

- Apr 22, 2019-

Before the operation of the film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles, we must fully understand the construction scheme of the cladding machine, and also consider the various factors that are not conducive to the operation of the coating machine, and install the equipment according to the instruction manual. During the installation of the equipment, the operator needs to wear a safety helmet, fasten the seat belt, and thoroughly explain the various points of safety.


Prepare suitable tools, instruments and spirit levels in advance, and support the foundation of the film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles with sufficient support, and the level difference should be less than 25 mm. Be sure to check the parts to be used one by one, and do not use defective cladding parts such as desoldering, dents, bends, corrosion, etc. The coating machine can be installed safely to operate safely, avoiding malfunctions and affecting efficiency.


When debugging the film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles, take a prepared profile, which can not be bent or twisted, and put it on the bed conveyor wheel. Adjust the two rows of conveyor wheels according to the width, shape and coating requirements of the profile. The distance between the ruler and the platform is adjusted to suit the coating requirements of the profile; the guide wheels on both sides are installed so that the profile is parallel to the direction of movement of the conveyor.


According to the profile of the profile surface, adjust the small pressure roller. Generally, select the center line or section of the profile, the highest point or the lowest point of the main curve of the profile, and make a point-by-point transition and crushing along the contour of the profile. The profile is laminated to the membrane. Install a small pressure roller to balance the lines and move them at the same time. There is a pressure roller on the top, and the support wheel must be installed at the bottom to balance the lines up and down and left and right. In the large plane, the small pressure roller can be used to gradually roll from the center to the two sides. At the 90° corner, the small pressure roller needs to be used for 3 times. For complex shapes, small pressure rollers need to be arranged naturally and cannot be forced to