Precautions for use of the printing machine

- Nov 21, 2019-

The greater the heating capacity of the dryer of the printing press, the harder it is to dry the printing ink. If the printing ink is dry and not dry, it can cause the color or adhesion of the printed matter. The color or adhesion of the printed matter makes the printing speed unsatisfactory, the printing speed is slow, and the amount of ink on the film is large, which easily causes the printed matter to dissolve or stick. By analogy, printing speed is hard to get up.


Therefore, the ratio of the heating amount and the blowing amount of the drying box of the printing machine should be correct, which is the premise of ink drying. Secondly, if the printing machine oven runs on the printing plate, the printing ink will dry on the printing plate roller, the shallow mesh of the printing pattern will not be printed, and the transition color will be incompletely printed. Once again, the heat of the drying box is directly baked on the film, and the film is stretched. The wind will blow directly on the film and the film will shake. The film stretches and shakes, which affects the accuracy of the printing plate.