Matters needing attention during the use of the PVC Door Printing Machine

- Mar 28, 2021-

The development of the printing industry has gradually changed from a relatively simple type of letterpress printing to the commonly used offset printing and the increasingly robust digital printing mode. Printing presses are now involved in people's lives and work, large and small places, so what should we do in the process of using printing presses? First, ensure that the leader is responsible for supervising the safety of machinery and equipment and crew operators. Second, before work, the operator must wear work clothes, work hats, and work shoes neatly, fasten the placket and sleeves, and do not put debris in the pockets, and do not wear watches and various accessories. Third, before starting the machine, add the required lubricating oil to each oil filling point, lubrication point and oil tank of the printing machine. Fourth, without approval, non-crew members are not allowed to start and operate machines without authorization, Assistants and apprentices should work under the guidance of the leader.