Maintenance method of desktop manual Foam Board Hot Stamping Machine

- Oct 15, 2020-

The first step: external maintenance: replace the lubricating oil of the fuselage, clean the inside and outside. Clean the linoleum of the machine to ensure no debris and dirt. Clean the oil pump and other related components of the machine to ensure that the oil path of the machine is unblocked. Step 2: Oil injector maintenance: disassemble the machine for cleaning, repair or replace machine parts, clean the machine oil pipe, and ensure the maintenance of the cleaning machine. Step 3: Cylinder maintenance: remove the piston of the machine and the piston ring of the machine, repair or replace the machine according to the condition of the machine. Clean the inner wall of the cylinder of the machine and the water interlayer of the machine, check the mirror surface of the machine, and if there are traces, repair it immediately. Clean the cylinder head of the machine, its packing, etc. The fourth step: operation and maintenance: calibrate the air pressure gauge of the desktop manual hot stamping machine and the oil pressure gauge of the machine, which requires accuracy and sensitivity. Clean the load relief valve of the machine, check and replace the vulnerable parts of the machine in time. Clean the pressure regulator in time.